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Energise LLClub career workshops

Interested in attending an Energise LLClub career workshop, career retreat or event? Please email me to register your interest and I will keep you informed of planned dates. We can also create a bespoke event for you.


What Energise clients say about our workshops

 “The space to think about my future and some very useful tools to help me think about my next steps.” Caroline Frankland.

“Good confidence booster. It confirmed that my alternative career path choice was correct and the right way to go.” David Gathern.

“Very informative and enlightening. The predominant focus is to ‘think outside the box’ which greatly differs from most career consultant advice.” Kelly Overden.

“The workshop was a well-structured approach to self-analysis, which I found helped me to create new ideas about ways forward.” Tony Shaw-Williams.

“A fantastic workshop for those people who are considering a career change but are daunted by change.” Ian Jordan


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Client Testimonials


Your workshop facilitator 

Rachel Brushfield 

Rachel Brushfield is a ‘talent liberator’, a career strategist who coaches lawyers to achieve career breakthroughs, with portfolio careers and confident self-marketing specialisms. Rachel is a director at EnergiseLegal www.energiselegal.com and has over 30 years’ experience. Energise has been established for 20 years.

She is a published author for Ark Group and The International Bar Association/Globe Law and Business on ‘Women in the law,’ ‘Coaching’s impact on work life balance’, ‘Talent management’ & ‘Professional development.’

Rachel has written over 18 articles for AWS ‘Link’, Managing Partner and The Law Society’s ‘Managing for Success’ and ‘Inside out’ magazines. Rachel has done many events including The Association of Women Solicitors (AWS) London group, The Law Society (all divisions and the Women Lawyers Division) and American Women Lawyers in London (AWLL) and is also a regular supporter of The Law Society’s bi-annual Returners course.

Rachel writes career guides for The Telegraph, is an author for LexisNexis on diversity & inclusion. Rachel is energising, strategic, incisive and insightful yet highly practical and down to earth in approach.





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