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Our a la carte menu provides an overview of all our services in detail.

It has a carefully developed selection of topic choices, created following extensive research and with inside knowledge of what employers are seeking from employees and factors that create career success and career fulfilment. Subjects include; motivation, values, career strategy and plan, fears and blocks about marketing yourself and overcoming unconscious bias.

We have designed our a la carte menu to cater for different learning appetites, budgets and available time.

Self learning options

Career Review Programme – 10 modules, downloadable as one programme or as individual modules.

Personal coaching options

  • Snack menu coaching
  • Small appetite coaching
  • Large appetite coaching
A La Carte Menu Options

Self Learning Options

We call the downloads we create ‘self-learning’. They are ideal for busy women lawyers who lack time and want to work at their own pace. Their self-learning format is especially useful if you are working full time, lack time for coaching and want to plan a future career change. The insights you gain about yourself and what you want from your career from the Career Review Programme and other Energise Personal Development Programmes will not only inform your career change, they will inform your life.


Career Review Programme – £237.00

The Energise LLClub Career Review Programme is a comprehensive step by step programme for women lawyers essential for such an important decision. The complete programme of 10 modules for lawyers at a career crossroads is ideal if you are:

  • Seeking more flexible working
  • Questioning if the law is right for you
  • Reviewing your career options
  • Returning to the law after a break

Find out more about the Career Review Programme or discover how to purchase the modules individually.

Energise offer a 100% money back no quibble guarantee on all our products and services to give you complete peace of mind.

Full Programme
£237 including VAT

Individual Modules
£57 including VAT


Personal Coaching Options

Coaching provides objectivity, confidential support and time dedicated to focus on you and the achievement of your career aspirations. Rachel Brushfield, a highly experienced coach, offers three levels of service, personalised to meet your needs.


Snack Menu Coaching – £128

Career Review Focus Session – 40 minutes

The 40 minute ‘Snack Menu’ Focus Coaching session consists of an individual coaching session on Skype/telephone. The ‘Snack menu’ Focus session is ideal for:

  • Defining your values
  • Getting feedback on your CV
  • Insights to improve your LinkedIn profile
  • New business development ideas
  • Your own bespoke brief
£128 including VAT

Small Appetite Coaching – £576.00

Career Review Support Programme – 3 hours

The Energise LLClub ‘Small Appetite’ Coaching programme consists of 3 hours of coaching. A ‘Small Appetite’ Coaching programme is ideal for:

  • Support to create confidence in interviews
  • Creating a new compelling CV
  • Developing social media competence
  • Your own bespoke brief
£576 including VAT

Large Appetite Coaching – £1,995.00

Career Review Programme – 12 hours

The 12 hour Energise LLClub ‘Large Appetite’ Coaching programme consists of 12 hours of individual coaching. The ‘Large Appetite’ programme is ideal if you:

  • Want a thorough career review to make a robust decision
  • Are looking for a change in career direction
  • Want to explore a portfolio career
  • Dislike marketing yourself
  • Are considering becoming self employed
£1995 including VAT

Our purchase Terms and Conditions can be reviewed here: LLClub T&Cs digital content 1 October 2014

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