Portfolio Careers

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From private practice to in-house

Our client, a corporate lawyer, achieved two brilliant job offers to move in-house from private practice and to enjoy better work life balance and be closer to the coal face of business.

They plan to then develop a portfolio career, having more time than they had doing the grueling hours expected of a corporate lawyer

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Improved career fulfillment following coaching

One of our clients considered changing employers, but Brexit made them rethink.

We helped them to understand what makes them fulfilled and as a result, they decided to stay with their current employer for now and have increased their fulfillment and desire to make a difference by becoming a trustee of 2 charities.

A leg up for Rachael’s leap up – in her words

Thirst for Rachael Williams

This is a guest blog by our client Rachael Williams. Rachael is currently Senior Legal Counsel (secondment) at The Financial Ombudsman Service. Her career has included private practice with magic circle firm Eversheds, regional law firms, the Bar, adjudication and lecturer/tutor. I met Rachael who attended The Law Society

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Helena - changing practice area

We worked with this client, Helena, when they returned to the UK for their husband’s job, having lived and worked abroad. The market was very challenging at that time and they were finding employers unreceptive, and seeking only candidates with ‘an exact fit’. They have an eclectic and very useful skill set, a blend of

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Sarah, barrister

Sarah was a talented mother of two and self employed barrister who lacked confidence in her abilities. She was finding the unpredictable demands of being a barrister and a mother to two young children difficult to juggle.

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Catherine, associate

Catherine was an associate in a magic circle law firm, with a two year old child. She felt unhappy at work, wanted to be more involved with business development and thought leadership than she was allowed to be and was unhappy about how she was being treated by the partners.

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Jane, associate

Jane was a pensions associate working in a magic circle law firm. She chose to leave, finding the work frustrating and with not enough of the type of task she enjoyed. She became pregnant quickly after leaving.

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Julia, senior associate

Julia came from an entreprenurial family. Her father ran his own business which her mother had been closely involved with. She felt into the law and became a Personal injury lawyer, achieving the highest billings in her firm.

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Betty, salaried partner

Betty was an employment salaried partner in a magic circle law firm. She wanted to decide whether to become an equity partner or not. With our input, identified insights to help her make the right decision.

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Jenny, senior partner

Jenny set up and ran her own law firm for over 30 years. She decided that she wanted to do something new rather than retire and contacted us to help her identify a second career.

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