Portfolio Careers

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Emma-Louise Heath, Ask Athena, Virtual PA

Emma of Ask Athena is Rachel’s virtual PA. She has over 12 years’ experience in helping the busy people of the world, including portfolio careerists like Rachel and lawyers, keep their sanity by proving there can be more than 24 hours in a day. Her business Ask Athena provides a PA and concierge service for

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Meet the Team

The LLClub team are all portfolio careerists. The common threads of Rachel’s ‘portfolio career tapestry’ include: insight, helping clients with ideas and connections, putting fulfilment at the heart of work/careers, synthesising complex topics in writing, and creating practical solutions and tools.

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Rachel Brushfield, Director

Rachel Brushfield is the founder of the Energise LLClub and is a ‘talent liberator’ with over 27 years’ experience. Rachel & Energise are based in the Cotswolds in her dream home – a place she discovered having thought about what she really wants, and her working life combines city and country and the occasional train journey.

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Hannen Beith, Company Secretary & CFO

Hannen has ‘law’ running through him like a stick of rock, with over 40 years’ experience. His roles in the legal profession include in-house for Surrey County Council, partner of his own law firm with primarily private & family law clients, a deputy district judge, an adjudicator for The Law Society and Membership Services Manager of LETG, the association for learning & development professionals from city law firms.

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Carol Christmas, Non Executive Director

Carol is a consummate professional project manager motivated by creating order, clarity and efficiency – at home and at work. As a working Mum with aging parents, she is used to juggling competing demands and responsibilities, drawing on skills from her psychology degree, 12 years of coaching and MBA

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Alison Elliott, Advisor

Alison is a qualified Lawyer (both in England and Scotland), Company Secretary and Banker. She has extensive experience in the Financial Services sector and, having taken the brave step of leaving a secure and successful position in private practice, has developed a portfolio career which, fortunately for us, includes advising Rachel and the team at Energise LLClub.

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Thelma, company cat

Thelma is 5 years old, thinks she is a dog but is a very extrovert chatty cat. She has completely black silky fur from her nose to her tail and enjoys walking across Rachel’s keyboard especially when she is frantically typing for a deadline.

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