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Essential reading

If you want lawyering to remain part of your portfolio career in future, I recommend that you read these two reports. Both are free to download.

Report 1

What’s the future of legal services? Published by The Law Society 28 January 2016.

‘Future of legal services’ report

In depth analysis of trends affecting the

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Portfolio careers for lawyers

This blog ‘Portfolio careers for lawyers’ was a guest blog for the portal for Portfolio Careerists www.portfoliocareers.net and shares why a portfolio career is a high appeal career for lawyers.

You can view it as it originally appeared on the Portfolio Careers portal by clicking on the link below. There are some interesting and

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Pros and Cons of Leaving the Law

Leaving the law is a big decision. After years of studying and hard work, it can feel like madness to leave it behind and walk away from it, even if it makes you unhappy.

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Overcoming Self-doubt

Question – What sabotages the potential of women lawyers more than any other factor? The answer is self-doubt. I didn’t feel 100% confident writing about this topic (!) because of our often closed British culture, but it is a topic that I feel passionately about and which comes up in ALL the coaching I do.

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Flexible Freelance Working

Freelance work gives you freedom and flexibility to work at different firms and on diverse clients/cases without committing to one employer. It is a career choice without the guarantee of a monthly salary, so it’s not for everyone.

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Energising Career Change Part 1

Making a change in your career is a big decision which has many knock-on implications; your identity, how much you earn, changing to a new and unfamiliar environment, moving out of your comfort zone, taking a risk in an uncertain world.

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