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Client Testimonials

“Coaching with Rachel Brushfield gave me the self-belief and encouragement to achieve my career goal of moving in-house into a broader commercial role. She helped me to proactively find a job that fits my values and motivations, stimulates me intellectually and with a healthy work life balance. We set a deadline and beat it by 2 weeks. Rachel’s coaching style is insightful, personalised, flexible, positive, structured and creative.”

Clary Maynard, Legal Counsel, WorldRemit.

“Rachel is a highly talented, inspiring and analytical coach. In this busy world, Energise will help you to identify who you are, what you want to do and how to get there.” Emma H, Associate.

“Rachel’s combined coaching and talent management expertise has really worked for me. She has helped me to think through and get clarity on a vision and strategy for myself and the steps to get there. Rachel is skilled at putting herself in other people’s shoes and helping you to identify how to overcome blocks. She really does go that ‘extra mile’ – she’s full of practical and creative insights and ideas. I would strongly recommend her.” Sarah Langton, Clifford Chance.

“Rachel understands lawyers well and adapts her approach to the unique needs of the individual. She has in-depth knowledge of the changing legal market and helps you come up with your own answers. Coaching is a time efficient and effective form of CPD ideal for busy lawyers who want to achieve excellence at work, increase self-awareness, identify their goals and develop a strategy and tools to help achieve them. It was a pleasure working with Rachel and I would certainly recommend her to those considering management coaching to develop their skills and progress in their careers.” Bernadette Daley, Partner Employment & Training Partner, Mayer Brown International LLP.

“Coaching works and Rachel’s got what it takes.” Peter Cornell, Former Managing Partner, Clifford Chance.

“Rachel is very insightful and can in a short space of time get the most out of people. A true career coach.” Pauliina Keinanen.

“Rachel made me feel more proactive and in control of my situation at a time when I was feeling a little out of control. For someone who struggles with finding a direction, for the first time, I feel like I know what I need to find mine.” Amy York.

“Rachel’s company strapline is ‘liberate your talent’. It does. The session really helped me realise the skills that I never thought I had. At the end of the session I felt proud and encouraged.” Mitz Archer.

“During the coaching and even when it is finished, Rachel puts her clients in touch with valuable contacts, makes introductions whenever she can and involves her clients in projects to give them experience and add to their skills. She does everything within her power to make sure her clients succeed. I highly recommend Rachel for anyone who is stuck in their career or needs to find something new for whatever reason – she is an inspiration.” Jenny Brewer, Business Advisor & Mentor.

“Rachel has a wealth of experience and expertise and is very generous in passing this on. The depth of information available to anyone is testament to this. Her style is open, focused, challenging and encouraging.” Anne Crotty.

“Rachel helped me through the process of making a change to my career, enabling me to find a more fulfilling role with my current employer. I was very confused and daunted at the start of the process and didn’t know how I could make the change but Rachel helped me see how to break this process down and how to test ideas for change against my values. Rachel is full of great ideas and really helped me see that making a change like this is not as scary as it might first seem.”  Nicola F, Senior Associate.

“Coaching with Rachel Brushfield provides energy, insights, tools and new ideas. The sounding board and time and space that the 121 personalised time enables re-energises you, provides different perspectives on challenges, leads to new contacts & networks.” Caroline Wallis, Partner, Boyes Turner.

“Rachel is succinct, direct and fabulous at enthusing you to go forward. As her title ‘talent liberator’ suggests, you may have it in you but can’t bring it out of yourself because you are too used to one way of ‘being’ – Rachel will help you delve in and help you to help yourself to, well, ‘liberate’. Thanks Rachel.” Josie McCann.

“Rachel is a great listener, shows empathy and never judges her clients. Her insight helped me to discover new things about myself and the coaching gave me a new found confidence. She constantly looks for, and thinks of, ways to help and seems to have a solution to every problem and a tool to be used again and again.  She’s great fun and incredibly inspiring and motivating – don’t just dream your dreams – she shows you how to put a plan in place of how you’re going to achieve them! Colette Humphrey.

“Rachel’s coaching process, combined with her empathy, creative yet practical ideas, and insight, allowed me to reconnect with what really motivates me, understand my challenges and self-imposed obstacles, and how to overcome them and become aware of my full capabilities. It has given me the confidence to start exploring other skills and formulating new goals.” Alison Perry.

“With absolute calm, respect, understanding and empathy, Rachel guided me to think about the obstacles that stood in the way of my chosen career and to reflect on how to overcome them, something I had been unable to do by myself, mainly due to a lack of confidence. Rachel gave me back my confidence in my ability and in my chosen career, and inspired me to do all I could to achieve my goals. Immediately after our meeting, that is exactly what I did, and I am now on track to achieve my professional goals. Thank you Rachel!” Anna Colgan.

“Rachel is brilliant. She is full of creative ideas and excellent at identifying and helping overcome behaviours or thought processes which are barriers to obtaining your goals.”Fiona McKenzie.

“Rachel is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. She is insightful and thorough and is always full of new ideas. She is an excellent coach, especially in the area of Talent and Career development. She writes and is very ‘plugged into’ current research and the latest new approaches. She is also very supportive and generous to her friends and colleagues and I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Jacqui Grey.

“Rachel helped me steer a clear path through the jumble of thoughts I brought to her when I was trying to determine the next steps in developing my business. She enabled me to identify my niche and provided me with lots of practical steps to better understand my “vision”, my “products” and how I could move forward in the direction I wanted to go.” Lindsay Allen.

“Rachel is very focused, has lots of terrific experience and tools at her fingertips and, more importantly, I think she has an intuitive understanding of what motivates different people. For getting the best out of yourself – or someone who works for you – she comes highly recommended”. Sue Poulson.

“Rachel Brushfield is a calm and perceptive person who introduces you to your own talent and abilities and then helps you to utilise them to an effective end. And then, when success arrives, Rachel continues to guide and promote you in her own distinct way. She is marvellous and has been a return on my investment a thousand fold.”

Rachael Williams.