Want a flexible and fulfilling career that gives you autonomy, intellectual stimulation and good rewards?

4 questions for you…

  • Do you find full time employment in the law frustrating, repetitive and restrictive?
  • Is variety and flexibility important to you to juggle work and family commitments and interests?
  • Did you ‘fall into the law’ or feel like you are ‘falling out of love’ with the law?
  • Do you feel like a ‘square peg in a round hole’ at work?

If so, a portfolio career could be just what you have been looking for!

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Why choose a portfolio career?

A portfolio career gives you more fulfilment, freedom, flexibility & autonomy.


Girl outside with laptop flexible2Benefits of a portfolio career…

  • People are multi-dimensional and one size does not fit all. It is hard for one job or one employer to give you everything you need or want.
  • A portfolio career is designed by you for you. You can edit it over time to suit your changing needs and wants and adapt to market conditions.
  • You can be all of who you are with a portfolio career, feeling authentic, enjoying freedom, flexibility and new challenges and learning experiences that express and fulfil multiple skills and interests.

How I help you create your portfolio career

Rachel BrushfieldHi, my name is Rachel and I am founder of the Energise LLClub, a community of women lawyers with portfolio careers. My job is to support you to liberate all of your talent.

I help my clients to re-evaluate their career and to create a portfolio career that fits them perfectly. I also help them to market and manage themselves for maximum fulfilment and minimum stress.

I have helped hundreds of professionals to re-evaluate their career, gain insights, greater awareness, new clarity, enhanced confidence and conviction to make the changes they want and be more of who they are.

I have and enjoy a portfolio career myself because I love variety and new experiences, and because freedom, choice and space are key personal values. I value career fulfilment and put this at the heart of my decisions – I design my work to give me the life that I want and enjoy a great work life blend. Does the prospect of doing this for yourself appeal to you?

My own portfolio career consists of career coaching, e courses, consultancy in talent management and learning and development, business development mentoring, writing books, chapters and articles, events and creating and curating content.

I have been self-employed for over 17 years, have over 27 years’ experience and help my clients to feel energised, re-evaluate their career.

I have created the Energise LLClub Discover Portfolio Careers report to help you to learn about this exciting and fulfilling career choice, as it is something that many people are not yet familiar with. I am passionate about supporting my clients to design the best career for them because following your values and choosing the mix of work you love is essential to ‘future proof’ your career, feel happy and protect your financial security and career prospects.

Downloading and reading the free Energise LLClub free Discover Portfolio Careers Report will help you to understand what a portfolio career entails, if it is for you and take the first step to greater career fulfilment.

In a time of constant global uncertainty and change, it is very important to take control of your future, take responsibility for your career, re-evaluate your choices and take action. I understand lawyers and the changing world of work in depth and can share insights, contacts and ideas to help you to create your portfolio career. Take the first step now.


The free Energise LLClub Discover Portfolio Careers report is for you if you:

  • Would love to become self employed and explore your entrepreneurial side;
  • Are frustrated by the traditional and hierarchical nature of the legal profession – the hard work, long hours and shrinking rewards;
  • Want more flexibility, autonomy and variety;
  • Have always felt that the law was not your ideal career choice but didn’t know what else to do;
  • Are curious, independent minded, love learning about new concepts and feel ready for a change on your terms; and
  • Are at a career crossroads or at risk of redundancy.

You will discover…

  • Pros and cons of a portfolio career;
  • Whether you are suited to a portfolio career;
  • Inspiring examples of lawyers enjoying a portfolio career; and
  • Advice and tips to explore the possibility of your own portfolio career.

What do our clients say about their portfolio career?

“I always found being a lawyer narrow and restrictive. I guess you could say that I am an atypical lawyer. I feel so much happier now that I have made the break and created my own portfolio career. I love the variety, freedom and autonomy it gives me – I feel like a new person! I enjoy the legal component of my portfolio career much more now it is one part not all of my week. I wish I had made the break years ago!”

“Being a working mother, flexibility is vital to juggle work and family life. Let’s face it, law firms are not really places where women can enjoy flexibility and progress easily. My portfolio career combines freelance lawyering, and my own dog walking business. I work from home and can juggle my hours to suit my needs and my clients. I even get time to volunteer for my local charity and do an evening class once a week.”    

Download your FREE copy of the Energise LLClub Discover Portfolio Careers report now

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Why choose a portfolio career?

A portfolio career gives you more fulfilment, freedom, flexibility & autonomy.