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Is This You?

Smiling mid 50s woman at laptop You are at a career crossroads and considering your options, because you have to or because you choose to.

You want to make the right decision, gain more fulfilment but feel unclear about what your transferable skills are and what alternative jobs or careers are open to you.

You find yourself going around and around in circles. Being trained to be risk averse, this is natural for a lawyer with a big decision like career change. Which way to go and how to decide?

We can help. Which of these do you relate to?

  • You are interested in doing freelance or having a broader portfolio career
  • Your career progression prospects at work are limited/blocked
  • You limit your own success by avoiding marketing yourself
  • You wish your work had more freedom, autonomy and variety
  • You are questioning whether to leave or stay in the law
  • You have an idea for a business or hobby to make money
  • You need/want more flexibility in your work
  • You believe sexism and/or ageism are affecting your career progression

If you answered yes to one or more, we can help. In summary, our clients seek our help at these four major career milestones.

  • Questioning your future
  • Seeking flexible working
  • Returning to work
  • Seeking a second career

To support your career progression Thirst for Knowledge provides insights, guidance and tips for women lawyers relating to these four career milestones.

Which one do you relate to?

Questioning your future?

Associates and senior associates who are questioning their career options & future prospects. The catalyst for their career review include; disliking their current work culture, reduced prospects or appeal of partnership, wanting a job/career that is more ‘them’ or concern about redundancy or being ‘pushed out.’

Seeking flexible working?

Lawyers who desire/need more work flexibility. This group includes independent aspiring freelancers and working mothers whose values and priorities have changed; they enjoy the law but want a more flexible working life and a healthier work life balance. They want to be clearer about their strengths and skills and what new options are open to them, in or out of the law, or a combination of both.

Returning to work?

Returners; intelligent experienced women lawyers who enjoy intellectual stimulation and want to return to the law, having taken a career break, but who are finding a very different profession and world of work to the one they left. They want support to successfully and confidently navigate their return to work, understand new types of legal job and gain clarity & confidence about their skills, options and what employers are looking for.

Seeking a second career?

Partners, Barristers and in-house counsel who are successful but questioning whether the pressure and stress is worth it. They want to explore a different second career to retirement e.g. a portfolio career, non-exec director posts and have a sounding board to refocus on their goals and life and understand what new options are available to them.

Ready to make a choice?

You spend enough hours working, so why not make sure your work gives you what is really important to you? We can help you decide in our FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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