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LLClub Mission

We at LLClub are on a mission. Our mission is to ensure that women lawyers achieve what they deserve – a fulfilling career that plays to their strengths, honours their personal values, and gives them the variety and flexibility they seek.

We are passionate about inspiring portfolio careers for women lawyers; this side-steps barriers to women in the legal profession and enables women lawyers to design their own career to fit them exactly. The way the law firm model is structured underutilises the talents of women lawyers through lack of flexibility for mothers with unconscious bias.

Helping women lawyers to have confidence and market themselves, something many women find boastful, is a key part of our mission. The economy, firms, clients and women lawyers themselves ALL gain from women lawyers reaching their full potential.

We believe that women lawyers play an essential  role in helping the legal profession to evolve and change. Women’s natural propensity to connect, help others and build relationships is vital to develop the law into having an improved collaborative culture and face the challenges ahead. But culture change takes time!

A portfolio career enables you to follow your OWN mission now and take responsibility for your own career. We help you with the ‘6 C’s.’

We help women lawyers liberate all of their talent through the LLClub ‘6 Cs’:

  1. Clarity – on your skills, how to market yourself and what you want
  2. Confidence – in your abilities so you stop stopping yourself
  3. Conviction – in who you are and what you have to offer
  4. Courage – to embrace change and uncertainty
  5. Competence – the knowledge and skills to realise your potential
  6. Community – to support you & share at all your career crossroads

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