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Services Overview

Woman offering choiceMany coaches and providers are rigid in what they offer, eg you must buy 12 hours up front. We don’t work like that, as we think our clients, especially intelligent women lawyers, know what’s best for them.

We offer a range of products that you can work through at your own pace, which can be downloaded 24/7. We understand that busy lives e.g. working full time can leave you little time mid-week to re-evaluate and create your future career. If you prefer personal support, we offer a range of coaching options that can be accessed via Skype, telephone or face to face in London or Oxford. Early (6 a.m.) and weekend appointments can be pre-booked. Browse our menus below to see what suits you best.

Our Menus

In line with our gourmet theme, we offer two menus, a tasting menu and an a la carte menu from which you can select as little or as much as you like.

We present LLClub services as two menus:

Tasting Menu

indigocutlery An opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and help you to make a wise choice. Booking a 40 minute Focus coaching session or downloading 1 module is a great way to get started, rather than delay a decision until you have more time = low risk. A free pre-arranged 20-minute telephone consultation helps explore how we can best help you.

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A La Carte Menu

cutlery Our Career Review Programme is a la carte because you can select and download one or more individual modules in the order that suits you. You can also select 10 modules in one complete download. This menu also lists our range of coaching programmes. Individual coaching helps you create a second career e.g. a portfolio career and is ‘a la carte’ because it is 100% personalised to you.

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New Developments 

Working with lawyers, we know that the best way to develop new ideas is to ask and involve you, not tell you. We are exploring the idea of career retreats to help ring fence time to focus on you as well as other group programmes. What appeals to you?  Get in touch.

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