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The Gourmet Approach

plate-fork_300We think that food and gastronomy is a great metaphor for women. Why? Women are really good at feeling guilty and giving themselves a hard time. They worry about eating too much, eating the right thing, spend countless hours thinking about dieting or trying to lose weight.

When women do the lion’s share of household tasks and childcare, are incredibly committed and worry about whether they have done enough, sometimes a guilt-free indulgent treat is exactly what is needed.

Career decisions, like selecting from a gourmet menu, can be agonising. So many choices, and so little time. You are tempted to try something new or a bit different; have a dish you’ve eaten before to avoid making an expensive mistake, and part of you wants to sample a little bit of EVERYTHING on the menu!

Career choices are much bigger decisions. They have enormous implications and our job is to help you to make the right one for you, informed by insight, knowledge and a robust strategy to help you choose correctly.

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