Portfolio Careers

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Why Choose Us?

We believe you possess many talents which a conventional job or career may have limited.

We help you liberate ALL your talent – that is why Energise is THE Talent Liberation Company.

14 reasons to choose LLClub

  1. Experts in helping women lawyers re-evaluate their careers.
  2. Portfolio careers are a specialism and we have a portfolio career ourselves.
  3. More than 30 years’ in-depth career experience, including 20 years’ self employment.
  4. In depth knowledge of lawyers and alternative legal and non-legal careers.
  5. Helping lawyers to market themselves is a specialism. (8+ events & 18+ published articles).
  6. Personal branding and on-line & face to face networking expertise.
  7. We offer a flexible service – you remain in control.
  8. Continual investment in our own skills, knowledge, tools and network.
  9. We keep up to date with the latest work/jobs research, trends and data.
  10. Early (6 a.m.) & weekend coaching sessions available.
  11. We have personal experience of freelancing & contracting.
  12. Unlike many coaches, we have done extensive CPD.
  13. Insights and new career ideas is a core competence.
  14. We create career case studies and career webinars for The Law Society.

Our Values

Values are everything. We have designed our business and lives around our values and we help our clients to do the same.  

Things that Energise LLClub stands for are:

  • Friendly inclusiveness
  • Insightful thought
  • Informal professionalism
  • Sharing connections
  • Transparency and truth
  • Fun
  • Equitable fairness
  • Learning to grow

Benefits of Choosing Us

Our clients tell us that we are down to earth, strategic yet practical, incisive and insightful, a great connector to and provider of insights, ideas and contacts and we go ‘the extra mile’.

Benefits of choosing us include:

  • Peace of mind from working with an established career change expert;
  • Confidence from working with a coach who is an authentic portfolio careerist;
  • New avenues – ideas, resources, contacts;
  • New awareness; alternative law jobs & emerging careers;
  • Tools you can use again & again for the rest of your career;
  • Peace of mind from our proven track record developed over 30 years;
  • Security being in a safe pair of hands to change career in an uncertain world;
  • Efficient & effective expedient career change support;
  • Self-belief in what makes you unique and how to express it; and
  • Added value from talent management, professional development, self-marketing & thought leadership knowledge.

Ready to make a choice?

You spend enough hours working, so why not make sure your work gives you what is really important to you? We can help you decide in our FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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