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Your CPD

CPD, as you know, stands for ‘continual professional development’. It also stands for ‘continual personal development’.Young woman reading newspaper

Coaching is personalised personal development and our LLClub Career Review Programme is self-learning. Both lead to enhanced self awareness with insights from doing practical exercises and in-depth thinking.

Self awareness from personal development is vital to ensure that you make a sound decision when at a career crossroads and to develop and maximise your career success, fulfilment and confidence.

The change in the CPD regime in the legal profession (UK) from November 2016 means that you need to take responsibility for your own CPD and set clear learning objectives, source appropriate solutions, record these, reflect on what you are learning, and review progress. We can help! We understand that it can be hard to make time for this, especially in private practice. Our own portfolio career means that we make time regularly to think, reflect and plan and we can help you to do this too. Get in touch.

Outcomes with all our clients include:

  • Increased confidence;
  • Greater awareness of your transferable skills;
  • New career options – evolutionary and revolutionary;
  • Greater clarity on who you are and what you want;
  • Practical ways to overcome barriers to change;
  • Creating a portfolio career that fits you perfectly;
  • A career strategy and step by step plan;
  • Successful management of ‘the imposter syndrome’;
  • Strategic navigation of your career transitions; and
  • Feeling inspired about the future.

How important is career fulfilment? 

We think career fulfilment is very important. Many lawyers fall into the law or their legal specialism by chance rather than planning. The law doesn’t suit everyone 100% of the time and a portfolio career means that you can combine legal work with other things, so you don’t feel like you have gone to the bottom of the ladder and can avoid/minimise the frustrating aspects of being a lawyer or working in the law. A portfolio career gives you freedom, flexibility, autonomy, new challenges as well as being recession-proof.  These are a recipe for greater fulfilment, and mitigating the risk of making a career change. Our job is to ensure that you think about your needs and they don’t get left at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

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